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Explore our comprehensive packaging solutions: FrameTray and Special Tray solutions

Each system is meticulously designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and support environmental sustainability. From our revolutionary FrameTray concept, focusing on closed-loop material use and logistics optimization, to the diverse applications of our Special Trays, we provide tailored, innovative solutions across various industries.
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The FrameTray system represents a groundbreaking approach in packaging. It operates on a closed material loop, starting from customized production to usage in OEM factories and ending with 100% recycling at nearby centers.

This innovative concept significantly enhances packing capacity and integrates seamlessly into existing logistics flows, reducing costs and promoting eco-friendly practices.


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Special Tray solutions

Unlock the potential

Unlock the potential of your business with our specialized tray solutions, from cost-efficient fence trays to our robust battery trays, each meticulously engineered to enhance the safety and efficiency of your automotive logistics. Experience the transformative impact of our expertise in safeguarding critical automotive components, ensuring optimal protection for every part of the vehicle.

Our various product range

With our product range fence trays, clamshell and battery trays we deliver various solutions for complete engine, all sensitive parts within electrical- and combustion engines. Cameras, radars and other critical vehicle parts we are having a great track record for. Our battery trays, designed with a focus on safety and versatility, are ideal for transporting and storing vehicle batteries of all sizes and shapes, ensuring compliance with UN3480 regulations for dangerous goods.

Ensure that your products travel in an environmentally friendly way