At BoxonTech, our dedication to sustainability is at the core of our innovative packaging solutions. Our journey in environmental care and responsible management is exemplified by our continuous efforts in developing sustainable packaging methods and promoting circular and climate-neutral practices.

Sustainability benefits

  • Closed material loop efficiency
    Our FrameTray system revolutionizes packaging with a closed loop of material recovery, ensuring 100% plastic reuse. This approach significantly reduces waste and promotes a circular economy in the automotive supply chain. 
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and transportation costs
    By optimizing logistics and material usage, our solutions substantially cut down CO2 emissions. The efficient transport utilization and reuse of materials contribute to a greener, more sustainable operation. 
  • Large-scale plastic reuse
    In 2023, BoxonTech reused approximately 4,500 tonnes of plastic into new frame trays, all controlled through our own global map of recycling hubs close to our customers. This large-scale recycling initiative underscores our commitment to reducing environmental impact through innovative recycling practices. 

Brand commitment

BoxonTech’s sustainability strategy, developed in 2022, pivots around three main pillars: sustainable packaging solutions, circular and climate-neutral practices, and fairness & equality. These cornerstones guide our long-term sustainability agenda, driving us towards our 2030 goals. Our latest initiatives, like the Frame Recycling Hubs and the shift towards trays for electrification and vehicle parts, reflect our proactive approach to socially and environmentally sustainable changes. 

We have a very exciting journey ahead of us with an increased demand from our global customers. The uniqueness of this concept is that we support our customers to reuse all packaging material in a closed loop, while significantly reducing transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

– Tobias Rasmusson, Sales Director BoxonTech