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BoxonTech – Innovative automotive packaging solutions

Automotive Packaging: Efficient, Reusable, and Innovative

Discover how BoxonTech revolutionizes automotive packaging with our innovative and reusable transport packaging solutions. Our FrameTray and Special Tray systems enhance efficiency and sustainability in the automotive industry, reducing costs and supporting eco-friendly practices. Contact us today to explore how our tailored packaging solutions can address your unique needs.

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The Closed Material Loop

Learn about our Closed Material Loop, where environmental care meets business efficiency. Experience the full cycle, from the creation of FrameTrays, through the integral involvement of subcontractors in packaging and dispatch, to the advanced recycling process that converts used trays into valuable raw materials.

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Committed to sustainability

Our journey in environmental responsibility is exemplified by our continuous efforts in developing sustainable packaging methods and promoting circular and climate-neutral practices.

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