FrameTray presents a revolutionary approach to packaging, offering significant advantages in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. This innovative concept not only enhances packing capacity but also integrates seamlessly into existing logistics flows, driving down costs and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Understanding the FrameTray system

The FrameTray system is a unique, environmentally-friendly single-use system based on a closed material loop, ensuring 100% recycling of the trays after use.

It starts with the production of FrameTrays tailored to customer and subcontractor needs. These trays are then used by subcontractors for packaging components, which are transported to OEM factories.

After use, the trays are sent to a Boxon recycling center close by, where they are processed and returned as raw material for new trays.

A Controlled, Closed Material Loop

The loop encompasses:

  • Boxon ProductionCustomized FrameTray manufacturing
  • Subcontractor role – Packaging and sending components in trays
  • OEM Factory – Utilizing and forwarding used trays for recycling
  • Boxon Recycling center – Processing used trays back into raw materials

The Closed Material Loop

Catering to both environmental and business needs

  • Production – Customized FrameTrays to meet specific needs
  • Subcontractor involvement – Key role in packing and dispatching components in trays
  • OEM Factory – The trays are used and then organized for recycling
  • Recycling Process – At the recycling center, the trays are transformed back into valuable raw material

Good for the planet, good for your products

  • Environmental and cost efficiency
    FrameTrays not only reduce expenses but also contribute to environmental preservation. Lower shipping needs mean reduced CO2 emissions, while the 100% reuse of raw materials and elimination of repackaging minimize quality issues and contamination risks. 
  • Enhanced storage and handling
    The system dramatically improves storage usage and line side space while reducing forklift movement. 
  • Logistical savings
    Transitioning from traditional KLT solutions to FrameTrays can result in up to 50% greater packing capacity, leading to significant savings in logistics, especially in transport costs. 

FrameTray solutions

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