Special Tray solutions

Explore our advanced range of thermoformed trays and injection molded packaging. Our solutions are designed for maximum cost-efficiency, resource conservation, and supreme protection. Catering to diverse industries, we offer packaging trays that elevate both efficiency and sustainability.

Types of Special Trays

Fence Trays
Designed for cost efficiency and part protection, our Fence Trays feature standardized heights and an ergonomic, lightweight design, complete with an efficient return system for practical use.

Battery Trays 
Engineered for the safe transport and storage of vehicle batteries, our Battery Tray features a robust, reinforced design with tailored compartments for various sizes and shapes. Its construction prevents short circuits and vibration damage, enhancing safety and extending battery life, making it ideal for both conventional and electric vehiclesUN3480 regulations for dangerous goods always considered for the various applications.

Electrification parts
A broad range of projects completed with high customer satisfaction. Using the injection molded technique to design tray solutions for sensitive parts like Stators, Rotors and Inverters. Our solutions are ideal for the automotive supply chain and beyond, replacing traditional packaging with our stable, clean, and recyclable options.  

Clamshell Trays
Perfect for taller, sensitive components, Shell Trays provide enhanced protection with a closed-wall design and ergonomic handling, coupled with a lightweight build and an efficient return system. Fully automized handling of parts and packaging been the specification solved in many projects. 


Efficient return system for endless re-use

Our returnable transport packages are crafted for efficiency and ease of handling. Features include injection molded trays for ideal dimensions, removal of external containers, transportation savings, innovative part protection techniques, adaptation for automation, ergonomic handling, and reduced total supply chain costs.

Special Tray solutions

Our Process

Our process is defined by innovation and close collaboration. We specialize in creating cutting-edge packaging solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges. Our approach is systematic, ensuring precision and efficiency at every step.

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